Animal Control Officer


What are the responsibilities of the ACO?

The Animal Control Officer is responsible for enforcing state laws and town ordinances dealing with the welfare, health, and control of domestic animals. The ACO is also responsible for handling animal bite reports to humans and other animals, as well as reports of sick or injured domestic animals.

Who handles incidents involving wildlife?

The NH Department of Fish and Game is responsible for investigating reports involving non-domestic animals. They can be reached by calling 603-271-3422.

How do I contact the ACO?

If you have an urgent request for the ACO, or see a dog running at large, injured, being a nuisance, or to report a bite, please call our dispatch center at 603-742-2724 for immediate assistance. Otherwise you may leave a message for the ACO by calling 603-742-8549, extension 381. The ACO is a part-time/on call position and is generally available after 4:00 pm. In the event the ACO is not available, the dispatcher will dispatch a police officer to the call.

Who picks up deceased animals?

If the deceased animal is on the roadway, please call the dispatch center at 603-742-2724, and arrangements will be made with the highway department to remove the animal. If a deceased domestic animal is found on your property and it does not belong to you, then call the dispatch center. You are responsible for removing your own deceased domestic animals and any deceased wildlife found on your property.

Do I have to register my dog with the town?

Yes. All dogs (3) three months of age or older must be registered with the town annually, on or before April 30th. You must show proof of a current rabies vaccination at the time you register your dog. You may register your dog with the Officer of the Town Clerk. Should you have any questions concerning the licensing of your dog(s), you may call the Town Clerk at 603-742-2510.

Do I have to register my cat with the town?

No. There are currently no provisions to register cats with the Town of Rollinsford, therefore the ACO has no authority to impound a cat which has been found to be at large. If you find a sick or injured cat, please report this immediately by calling the dispatch center at 603-742-2724.

What is animal abuse?

There are many forms of animal abuse which include but are not limited to: lack of shelter, food, or water, leaving it outside depending on the weather conditions, and/or beating the animal. If you suspect animal abuse, please call the dispatch center at 603-742-2724.

What can I do about my neighbor’s barking dog?

It is against the law for a dog to bark excessively. Please call the dispatch center at 603-742-2724 to report a nuisance dog.

What do I do if I lost my pet?

Please call the dispatch center at 603-742-2724 and provide the pet’s information: Name, Breed, Color, Distinguishing Marks or Characteristics, Last Seen, Location, and Time as well as you Name and Phone Number. You should also check with the local veterinarians and animal shelters.

Is it against the law for someone to leave the scene of a motor vehicle accident without reporting to law enforcement that they hit a dog?

Yes. It is a misdemeanor to leave the scene of an accident and the person responsible may get arrested.

Where can I find information on emergencies and disaster planning for my pet?

The single most important way to protect your pet is to take it with you when you evacuate. You can find additional information at the following Humane Society web-site.

**Should you have any questions concerning animals, please feel free to call the police department at 742-8549.