Ordinance # 3-8-80

Consumption and Possession of Alcoholic Beverages

Section #1:  No person shall drink any liquor or beverage as defiined in Chapter 175 of the New Hampshire Revised Statutes Annotated, upon any public street, or on any public highway, public sidewalk, municipal parking lot, or municipal park within the Town of Rollinsford.

Except as provided, no driver shall transport, carry, possess, or have any liquor or beverage within the passenger area of the motor vehicle, upon any way in this state except in original container with the seal unbroken.  Securely capped, partially filled containers of liquor or beverages shall be stored and transported in the trunk of the motor vehicle.  If the motor vehicle does not have a trunk, such containers shall be stored and transported in that compartment or area of the vehicle which is least accessible to the driver.

This section shall not apply to persons transporting, carrying, possessing, or having any liquor or beverage in a chartered bus, in a taxi, or limousine for hire; provided however, that the driver of the said vehicle is prohibited from having any liquor or beverage in or about the driver’s area.

Section #2:  Penalty-Any person convicted of this section shall be fined.

Section #3:  “Not withstanding the provisions of Ordinance # 3-8-30, the Selectmen shall have the power to issue a limited permit for a designated period to any responsible individual representing a voluntary non-profit group or representing an organization approved by the Selectmen.  This limited permit will authorize the permittee, it’s members and their guests, for whose benefit such permit shall have been issued, to drink on designated public premises approved by the Selectmen, the beverage or liquor described in the permit”.