Ordinance # 14-002

Travel Restrictions

  1. Commercial Vehicle Travel Restricted


    1. No vehicle with a gross weight rating of 26,000 pounds or higher shall utilize any Town road listed in Table 1 below for travel in or through the Town.


    1. Said vehicles are permitted to travel on the Town roads listed in Table 1 below for the purpose of delivering or receiving goods and services to a specific, identifiable destination on the roads listed.
    2. Emergency vehicles (fire, police, ambulance) or any other town safety vehicle, or any vehicle owned or operated by the Town.
    3. Privately owned vehicles that are being contracted by the Town for Town business, or privately owned vehicles in the performance of public safety, (electrical service vehicles, tree removal vehicles, cable installation vehicles, telephone company vehicles) and farm or agricultural  vehicles and equipment.

Table 1 

    1. Sligo Road
    2. Pinch Hill Road
    3. Baer Road


    1. Any person who shall violate this ordinance shall be subject to a civil forfeiture fine. A complaint will be registered to the driver of the vehicle to appear in the 7th Circuit Court-Dover District where the fine shall be $100.00 and up to $500.00 for any subsequent offense.