Directed Patrols

A directed patrol is an assignment given to a patrol officer with specific direction in an attempt to resolve an ongoing problem.

The assignment could be running radar on a neighborhood street that is having a unusual amount of speeding vehicles, following a school bus having problems with vehicles failing to stop for red flashing lights, or patrol an above average crime ridden area, among others.

Directed patrol requests should be addressed to Chief Uraskevich at 742-8549, extension 303, or via email.

Domestic Violence Cell Phones

The Rollinsford Police Department can provide cellular telephones to victims of domestic violence at no cost to the victim.  The phones allow the individual who does not have access to a phone otherwise, the ability to call 911 for emergencies.  Any officer is authorized to provide a cellular telephone upon request.


The Rollinsford Police Department will complete fingerprint cards for adults for a criminal record check, pre-employment background check, or background check as a volunteer for the school.

We will also complete fingerprint cards for minor children with permission from a parent or legal guardian. The fingerprints cards will not be kept at the station, but given to the parents for safekeeping in the event of a missing child.

There is no charge for this service.

Please call the dispatch center at 742-2724, to make an appointment.

Free Gun Locks

The Rollinsford Police Department will provide free gun locks to the general public and they can be picked up at the station.  The gun locks were provided a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice and distributed by Project Child Safe.

Home Security Survey

The department will conduct a security inspection of your home and/or property and note any security deficiencies found to you.  Please contact Chief Jon Uraskevich at 742-8549, extension 303 or via email to arrange for a security survey.

House Checks

Special house checks are provided for families that are away for the weekend or on vacation, and are leaving young adults or older children at home.  The check identifies who is permitted to be at the home and authorizes police to check the residence and take whatever action is necessary if persons not allowed on the property are present.  The original request will be filed at the police department and a copy shall be left with the homeowner to post at the residence.  This procedure may reduce unauthorized house parties when the parents are not home.  An application may be picked up at the police station.

Motor Vehicle Lock-Outs

A patrol officer will attempt to unlock a person’s vehicle if they are they registered owner or immediately family member of the registered owner.  A waiver MUST be signed prior to the officer attempting to unlock the vehicle.  The Rollinsford Police Department is not responsible should any damages result while attempting to unlock a vehicle.  Vehicles that have power windows will not be unlocked by the Rollinsford Police Department unless an emergency exists, such as a child or animal has been locked in the vehicle, or some other life threatening condition is present.

Neighborhood Watch Program

Officers are available to meet with residents, civic  and community organizations to discuss neighborhood watch programs and crime prevention techniques.

To schedule a meeting please contact Chief Jon Uraskevich at 742-8549, extension 303, or via email.

Property Checks

Property checks of residences when people are away from their homes for the weekend, vacation, or  out of the immediate area are provided.  Residents should call the station at 742-8549, between 9 am and 1 pm weekdays or the 24 hour dispatch center at 742-2724 anytime to request your property be placed on the property check list.  Security checks of your property will be conducted by the patrol officers while you are away and notification will be made to you or your emergency contact should a problem with the property be detected.

Security measures are taken by the department so that vacant property locations are not disclosed to anyone.

Radar Speed Trailer Monitoring

The Rollinsford Police Department has access to a Radar Speed Monitoring Trailer device.  This unit may be deployed in known high traffic and high speed areas and other local neighborhood roads.  The trailer will display the vehicle’s speed to the driver as well as record the date, time, location, direction of travel and speed of the vehicles passing by the unit.  The information recorded will assist the department with traffic counts and provide information as to when it is the best time to deploy an officer to monitor speeding vehicles.  The trailer DOES NOT record the vehicle’s registration number or driver’s information.

Ride Along Program

The Rollinsford Police Department does allow adult citizens to ride along with the police officers while they are on duty.  Those interested must be of good character and without any criminal history.

Anyone interested should contact Chief Jon Uraskevich at 742-8549, extension 303, or via email.

Station Tours

Tours of the police station are provided by appointment to civic groups, such as boy scouts, girl scouts and other service organizations.  Individual tours are also available.  To arrange a tour, please call Chief Jon Uraskevich at 742-8549, extension 303, or  via email.